Core Facilities

Core facilities are reopened now. Below you will find Technical Director contact information for each core facility. Communication directly with the core is the best strategy for your specific research needs.

Invoice payments will still be processed by the finance team through DDs or Credit Card. Contact information can be found at the bottom of your invoice. 

Comments & Suggestions Box

If you would like to offer comments or suggestions on how OSRF could better support your research at this time, please follow this link.

Next-Gen and Micro-Array Sequencing 

Users should contact Pieter Faber at and for specific questions. Twitter: @UChicagoGenomic

DNA Sequencing and Genotyping 

Please contact for more information and assistance.


Please contact Elena Solomaha at 


Cellular Screening Center 

Users should contact Siquan Chen at for project specific questions. 

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 

Open for trained users with key card access only and only multi-day experiments will be scheduled 

All trainings cancelled until further notice. 

For questions, please contact Joe Sachleben at 

CRI Bioinformatics Core 

Mass Spectrometry Facility

Human Tissue Resource Center (HTRC) 

For specific questions, or to process COVID-19 samples, please reach out to Dr. Lingen by email at

Cellular and Tissue Based Processing cGMP Facility 

Please contact Diane Ostrega at for specific questions.  

Human Immunological Monitoring (HIM) 

For questions, please contact Yuanyuan Zha at 

Human Imaging Research Office (HIRO) 

As much work as possible is being done remotely and one staff member will be on-campus to handle any work that needs to be done in-person. Discussions and consultations with research teams can be conducted via Zoom teleconference as needed, but the initiation of new research projects is discouraged (with some exceptions). 

For questions, please contact Nick Gruszauskas at Twitter: @HIRO_UofC

Organoid and Primary Culture Research Core (OPCR) 

Please contact Dr. Christopher Weber at for more information.

Pharmacology - Analytical and Biofluids 

Biofluids *new hours as of Feb 1st, 2021*

Mon, Tu and Fr: 8 am – 5:30 pm; Wed and Th: 8 am – 6:30 pm

Cut-off time for accepting samples for processing is 30 min before closing time. Cut-off for collecting EKGs on sponsor-provided machines is 1 hr before closing time. Please notify Biofluids of same day add-ons ideally by noon and no later than 4 pm.

Biofluids cannot accept samples from subjects who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 within 14 days of collection. The Human Immunologic Monitoring (HIM) Facility is potentially able to process such samples (contact Technical Director Yuanyuan Zha,

Analytical Unit is operating on a limited capacity until further notice.

Contact Jackie Ramirez at for specific questions.

UChicago Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN)

Advanced Electron Microscopy: Cryopreservation and Tomography 

Please contact Joe Austin at for more information.

Cytometry and Antibody Technology 

Please find current updates from the Technical Director here: 

Send email requests and inquiries to: Twitter: @cat_uoc

Human Disease and Immune Discovery

The core is open. Please contact for more information.

Integrated Light Microscopy 

The core is open for experienced users as long as permitted. Adherence to the core’s disinfecting policies is required. 

A work-from-home resources page with how to get remote access to our image processing software and a rolling list of webinars and virtual classes may be found here:

For questions, please contact Vytas Bindokas at 

Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource  

For questions, please reach out to Brian Roman at 

MRI Research Center 

Cyclotron Facility 



Animal Resources Center 

Please see ARC COVID-19 updates here:

Fly Kitchen 

We are planning to continue to produce food each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as long as we can and will be providing as much stock as possible.  We would ask that you only take as much food as you need at this time to avoid any shortages.   

If you have a specific amount you will need other than what was taken, please e-mail Derrick Summerville at 

Transgenic/ES Cell Technology 

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Degenstein at


Office of Shared Research Facilities

The Office of Shared Research Facilities (OSRF) manages BSD Core Facilities by providing financial, administrative, IT, and communication support. OSRF works closely with The University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Research Resources Oversight Committee.

Twitter: @UChicagoOSRF

UChicago COVID-19 Workspace Safety Checklist

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George Langan

George Langan, DVM, DACLAM

Associate Dean for Research Resources

Research Resources Oversight Committee

The Research Resources Oversight Committee (RROC) of the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) serves as an advisory body, which in partnership with the Office of Shared Research Facilities (OSRF) establishes a policy framework for the operation of core facilities, reviews and prioritizes acquisition of major scientific equipment for the division, and provides scientific expertise and strategic planning for institutional research resources.

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